IKARI curve

Concept of Ikari L

Ikari Left is a modified Judkins L catheter, a standard catheter of femoral access. There are 3 differences between Judkins L and Ikari L and these changes make it possible to use just like Judkins in radial access. The maneuver is basically same as Judkins L in femoral access. Advance the catheter slowly into left coronary cusp; it can engage the left coronary artery without any other manipulation. You will not feel the difference between Ikari L in radial access and Judkins L in femoral access. It is "the catheter knows where to go if not thwarted by an operator".

Three differences compared with Judkins L.

A: Judkins L in TRI
B: But Judkins L easily looses its engagement
C: Stable engagement of Ikari L