Case2: A long lesion in right coronary artery, 70 year old female


Chief complaint: effort angina
Past history: abdominal aorta aneurysm
Present illness: She had effort angina from 6 months ago and continued despite sufficient medical treatment. Coronary angiography showed a long lesion with delayed filling.
We performed PCI via radial access because of abdominal aorta aneurysm.

6F TRI Ikari L3.5

A long stent did not pass the long lesion. Backup force of the guiding catheter was not sufficient.

The guiding catheter was simply pushed. It can make the power positionof Ikari L.

Power position increased backup force. A stent was possible to pass through the lesion.

Final angiography


It failed to pass a stent through a long lesion. Backup force was not sufficient.
Using another guiding catheter, anchor balloon technique or guiding catheter extension was considered.
However, using Ikari L, power position technique can increase backup force. It can save cost and time.